Why Should I Invest in a Degausser

Destroying a hard drive’s sensitive data

For many businesses holding sensitive data – being able to erase hard drives securely is a must. This is because a simple hard drive wipe with software doesn’t magnetically remove the data from the actual hard disk itself.

Sensitive data, particularly if handled by security companies, the defence industry and other government departments need to be disposed of with the highest level of erasure, and without third parties being able to recover the data. Sensitive data erasure with degaussing is also beneficial for businesses that want to reassure investors and stakeholders that there are internal procedures for data handling and that these are being followed strictly to ensure data safety.

Ensuring customer data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands

Organizations need to avoid making headlines due to stolen media, improperly overwritten hard drives or poorly erased media. Implementing the right degausser solution for your organization will help protect your data from accidental release, your company from bad publicity, and avoid costly fines or litigation.

Being able to erase hard disks securely through degaussing helps businesses erase customer data completely from their systems. This can then be confirmed to customers in writing and supports business transparency as well as ensuring that no third parties can access older data or break into systems to gain sensitive data.

Supporting internal data processes 

Hard drive degaussers can be brought into a company and form part of the data erasure process. Businesses will already have existing processes and may wish to further strengthen their data disposal by adding a layer of security through degaussing. By investing in a hard drive degausser unit, a business can support the internal data erasure processes, create transparent reports and provide total assurance to customers and internal stakeholders that processes are being improved and upgraded for the highest level of data security.

Improving public image through data protection guarantees 

Outside of the practical elements of hard drive degaussing, businesses can also defend their reputation publicly and promote their use of hard drive degaussing as a way to properly handle data. This can strengthen the trust factor for a business with its customer base and also show external stakeholders, governments and organizations that da

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